MusiXcool, ...damit Lernen Spass macht!

MusicXcool provides a teaching-software that allows you to acquire the whole bandwidth of music-knowlege in a  playful way. It can be used in many fields: instrumental teaching, in the classroom and, of course, for self-study. MusiXcool requires no basic knowledge in music-theory. Step by step you are introduced into  instrumental knowledge or ear-training.

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Lessons: The subject material is sub-divided into easily comprehensible part-lessons that can be slected individually. Subjects like rhythm, harmony, notation etc are dealt with. Acoustic samples and animations can be heard or seen as often as you wish, making the learning process an enjoyable experience.



Worksheets: In order to better use MusiXcool in the classroom, we have prepared worksheets. These worksheets can be used paralell to the programme. In this way, all lessons and the accompanying training can be dealt with step by step. The worksheets and the solutions are available as PDF-database.
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Practical teaching  and ear-traing: All the tasks dealt with in the lessons are practised and can be heard acoustically: notes, intervals, chords, scales and rhythm.

Instrumental knowledge: This chapter is about the various groups of instruments: It offers information about the size of the instrument and its tonal range (with acoustic samples). A survey shows the historical development and gives hints as to the relevant compositions.  

Tests: After practising a certain number of teaching-lessons, the knowledge acquired can be tested. The answers are commented immediately and cannot be changed anymore.
Music-Memories: MusiXcool offers the opportunity to test your knowledge by various memorizing methods- playful methods enliven the acquisition of the teaching material.



Guidelines: The guidelines, which can be printed out, show you which teaching methods are used in the lessons, practice-training, tests and ear-training tasks. Thus, nothing is forgotten in the process of reaching the desired teaching goal.

Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
60 MB HD, Soundcard